Blue wine assesment

My colleague promised to bring some "astounding" wine to the table some time ago where he jokingly placed this windex-looking beverage in front of me. Blue wine is a thing, at least in its country of origin, Spain. My initial prejudice immediately writes it off as a gimmick, hell I even write it off as... Continue Reading →

Theme focus: Lamb; Hate it or Love it?

I fucking love lamb, do you? I don't think there's anything that splits the waters like our cloud-formed quadruped. Of course, a recipe will follow on how to slow cook lamb, yet keep the meat tender and pink, dont worry. I would like to discuss what makes lamb such an unappealing taste sensation to many.... Continue Reading →

Storytime : To the Sunday funday phenomenon. Recipe of Pan Seared Scallops with a mango chilli purée

In the restaurant industry, sundays are somewhat sacred. Working through blood sweat and tears to satisfy the cravings of the cosmopolitan belly, restaurant-folk use the colloquially-named sunday-funday as a chance to treat themselves with good food and wine. Most restaurants close on sundays, so industry nights in various locations are not an uncommon sight, and... Continue Reading →

ESSAY: Copenhell Revisited through Aesthetics

An analysis in theoretical aesthetics on the prevalence of Affect at Copenhell Festival.  (All photo credit to  Back in my studies at RUC, I wrote an essay within the field of aesthetics with a case study on Copenhell. The essay explores the cathartic effects of the festival as a sanctuary for metal heads. Case Study:... Continue Reading →

Greece Theme: Gastro Cretan Stories

As I am no stranger to the indulgences found throughout the Cretan island, I feel an inclination to reintroduce Greek cuisine to others by highlighting some of my personal favourites. Following is a short photo series of some great dishes that I tried on my last trip to Crete. As Sir Rowan Atkinson so smoothly... Continue Reading →

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