“The highest point a man can attain is not Knowledge, or Virtue, or Goodness, or Victory, but something even greater, more heroic and more despairing: Sacred Awe!”
― Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek

Taken from one of the most inspiring modern pieces of literature, Kazantzakis words resonate with me in ways that other authors cannot. It is this inextinguishable fire, immortalized in his character Zorba, that brings about a yearning to explore the world as a tapestry of inspiration. To inspire awe is an emotion that can literally take your breath away or cry till your knees are weak, or laugh uncontrollably. A word so frivolously thrown around in our times, and one that pertains to something inspiring awe, is that of awesome. As a point of inspiration, I would like to strive towards revitalising this somewhat forgotten emotion, which has been diluted time and again by mass media culture, from the likes of “How I Met Your Mother” and its “Awesomeness” factor to the theme song of the recent Lego movie which ironically posits that “Everything is awesome”.


I initially felt inspired to revisit this intriguing emotion when I realized

something To be in awe, as in to be inspired beyond wonder, cannot be justifiably legitimate upon every utterance of “awesome”.

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